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Now is the Perfect Time to Start a Podcast Membership

This year we have seen a boom in subscription podcasting. Industry leaders like Apple and Spotify are finally joining in, and perhaps you’re wondering if it’s time to start your own membership program. We know the idea of adding an additional item to your to-do list can seem overwhelming, but a podcast subscription strategy can vastly increase your revenue and help you connect more with your audience. We should know — we have been helping industry leaders grow their membership programs for years and we understand what works. 

Reasons to start a membership: 

  • Predictable revenue. Subscriptions allow you to create a recurring revenue stream you can count on rather than relying on the volatile ad market.
  • Direct audience connection. Membership programs allow fans to directly help fund the show they love. The benefits you provide can allow you to engage and connect with your fans in new and deeper ways — for the first time, you’ll know who they are!
  • Strategic independence. Your membership program will be your own. Finally be independent from advertisers or your network and get back in control. 

How much you could earn with your membership: 

What you earn from your membership will depend on the content you distribute, your price point and how big your audience is.

Here are some of the typical audience conversion rates we see for a few different premium content strategies:

Our team can help you determine what content and pricing strategy will drive the most revenue for you. We can help you find that sweet spot based on industry benchmarks so you don’t leave anything up to chance.

The Supporting Cast difference 

There are a few different platforms available to host your membership. Let’s compare the major platforms: 

Supporting Cast offers an experience your audience will love. Your premium content will be available to both Android and Apple users, and listeners aren’t locked into a single app.  In our best-in-class payment and subscription flow, members can get set up with their premium podcast feed in 30 seconds or less.

With Supporting Cast, you own user data and auto-renewing credit card relationships. You can offer your premium content in a wide variety of ways, even integrate it with existing subscription offerings. Plus, the Supporting Cast team can provide a ton of support, from marketing and content strategy to funding and analytics.

How to get started:

With Supporting Cast it only takes a few hours to set up your membership. We have a dedicated onboarding manager that will help you set up your storefront, make sure your payments are working properly and help with anything else you might need help with. 

Reach out today for a no pressure demo — we can answer all your questions about membership programs and show you our platform.