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Spotify Joins Supporting Cast and Apple with Premium Podcasting

Listeners are willing to pay for more content from their favorite hosts and the industry is catching on. Spotify has just announced the launch of Anchor’s premium subscription platform for podcasters and an Open Access Platform. This follows the news of Apple Podcasts’ launching subscription features - making this a big month for subscription podcasting. 

Where does this leave Supporting Cast and other membership platforms in the premium podcasting space?

We shared last week that there are a few key reasons why podcasters would choose to work with Supporting Cast instead of — or in addition to — Apple Podcasts. In light of the news that Anchor is launching podcast subscriptions, we wanted to share how Supporting Cast stacks up against our competitors. 

Let’s compare the major premium subscription platforms: 

See Supporting Cast & Patreon subscribe time here

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider working with Supporting Cast instead of or in addition to the big players in the market. With Supporting Cast you own user data and credit card relationships. You can configure your premium content, offering it in a wide variety of ways and integrating it with existing subscription offerings. We provide a ton of support, from marketing and content strategy, to funding and analytics. And, critically, listeners aren’t locked into a single podcast app. 

In addition to Anchor’s subscription platform, Spotify also teased the Open Access Platform today. This will give podcasters with existing subscriber bases the option to deliver paid content to their existing audiences in Spotify. We are excited to take advantage of this option and to open up more listening options for paying listeners. 

Apple and Spotify’s push into premium podcast helps validate and expand the space we have championed for years. We are excited to watch the industry boom and help podcasters diversify their revenue streams.

Hit us up to let us know what you think about the news, or to learn more about Supporting Cast!