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The best way to sell and deliver exclusive podcasts, audiobooks, courses, and memberships. From independent shows to top tier networks, the industry's most successful podcasters use Supporting Cast to build reliable, recurring revenue.

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The best onboarding and listening experience.

  • Let your fans use their existing podcast apps to access premium content. Don’t make them install a new app.
  • Listeners can subscribe to premium content in two taps. No copying and pasting private RSS feeds.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay make mobile payments a breeze.
  • No passwords for listeners to remember.
  • Deliver targeted, personalized audio messages through members' feeds, like welcome notes, expiring credit card warnings, and invitations to upgrade. Learn more.
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Keep your brand front and center.

  • Create a branded landing page with your logo, copy, and colors.
  • Our logo never appears in your member experience. Ever.
  • If you already have a paid subscription program, your members won't have to create another account.
  • Add private feed delivery to your existing website with our Wordpress plugin or by building on top of our API.

What people are saying

“Supporting Cast helped us reach our six-month subscriber goal in less than 48 hours. While we initially braced for a wave of tech support questions given the global nature of our audience and the wide variety of podcast platforms, we encountered few issues and received overwhelmingly positive listener feedback on how easy it was to sign up, download and listen in their preferred player.”

– Ben Golliver, Greatest Of All Talk

“I love using Supporting Cast. The technology has been seamless for my listeners, and the platform plays a crucial part in the community I am building around my podcast. I exceeded my stretch goal for number of members I hoped to join in my first season.”

– Katherine Goldstein, Host of The Double Shift

“Wow!!! ...that was an Awesome Experience!! 👏👏.”

@VanitySigning after subscribing to The Cycling Podcast's members-only content via Supporting Cast


Confidence at scale

Powering the most successful podcast membership programs

Take advantage of our experience—Supporting Cast was built by Slate to serve the 90,000 listeners who’ve joined its pioneering membership program since inception. Now we’re helping some of the largest networks in podcasting monetize their massive audiences.

The flexibility you need today — and tomorrow.

Will you offer subscriptions to a single show or a multi-show bundle? Monthly or annual pricing? Different benefits available at various pricing tiers? Choose based on your current business and content with the freedom to evolve as you grow.

Piracy protection

Fans won’t pay for content they can find for free online, so we protect your premium feeds. Set a low sharing threshold to flag members for manual review, and higher one to automatically disable access.

Robust reporting

Track growth, revenue, and engagement from 30,000 feet or view a single member's downloads. Export raw data manually via CSV or set up a data pipeline to query and visualize your data elsewhere.

A strategic partner for the long run

  • We’re part of Slate, a trailblazing podcast company that’s pursued its journalistic mission for 25 years — not a venture-backed startup looking for a quick exit.
  • Your members aren’t locked into our platform — you can take your recurring credit card relationships and data if you leave.
  • We only succeed when our clients succeed. We share what we’ve learned and do everything in our power to help your membership program thrive.

We make it easy to get started

  • Stick with your current podcast host, or host your premium content with us.
  • Continue delivering ads to non-paying listeners.
  • We'll provide sample scripts and promotional material to help you drive premium subscriptions.
  • We’ll handle customer support. (But only if you want us to.)

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