Supporting Cast

Membership revenue for podcasters

Invite your most passionate fans to pay for ad-free shows, bonus content, or early access. Supporting Cast lets your brand shine, while handling payments, private feed delivery, analytics, and customer support so you don’t have to.

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The best onboarding and listening experience.

  • Don’t make listeners struggle to subscribe to a private RSS feed.
  • Don’t ask your fans to use a new podcast app just to get member content.
  • We make it fast and easy — most people can subscribe in a few seconds.

Keep your brand front and center.

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  • Direct your listeners to a branded landing page with your logo and color scheme at
  • Or, we can work with your developers to integrate with your website and registration system so users can convert without leaving.
  • You own the listener relationship either way.

Take advantage of our experience

We’re the team that built Slate Plus, the largest podcast-centric membership program in the world. We’ve learned a lot from signing up nearly 50,000 members. Now we’re sharing that with other podcasters.

We make it incredibly easy to get started.

  • Continue delivering ads to non-paying listeners.
  • Stick with your existing podcasting CMS — don’t disrupt your current workflow.
  • We’ll integrate with your existing Stripe and Mailchimp accounts.
  • We’ll handle customer support.
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