The Employee Podcast
Delivery Platform

Communicate with your staff in the place where they already spend time: their podcast players. Supporting Cast delivers your message only to the people who are meant to hear it.

Targeted, secure & convenient.

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A Superior Employee Onboarding UX

We make it incredibly simple for employees to get protected podcasts into their existing podcast listening apps with a couple of taps. Try it out.

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Measure Audience Engagement

Track listening behavior by episode for each employee to measure engagement, verify compliance, and assess long term impacts on retention and employee satisfaction.

As Secure as You Need

Communicate with confidence—our platform monitors each user's listening and automatically stops serving content that's been shared. We also provide two-factor authentication and single sign-on integration for maximum peace of mind.

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Production Support

Our platform was created by Slate, the podcasters behind Slow Burn and other hit shows. We can advise on everything from content strategy to technical gear. We can even help produce your show.

Deliver Your Message as a Podcast

Here are a few of the ways companies are using internal podcasts to inform, educate, and build organizational culture and morale.
All-hands meetings
Enable members of your staff who aren't able to join company meetings to catch up on what's new.
Skills trainings
A self-paced podcast series can deliver the knowledge and skills your team needs to better do their jobs.
Staff Interviews
Break down silos and foster collaboration by letting staff know what their colleagues in other departments are working on.
C-suite messages
Let employees know what their leadership team is thinking about and how their work fits into the broader company mission.
Employee sensitivity trainings
Help staff learn to respect and consider their peers' perspectives via an intimate, non-threatening medium.
New hire onboarding
Help new staff become familiar company culture, norms, and systems by hearing from both HR and their colleagues.

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